• Thursday, 30 November 2023

Fly or tie?

Do you like to be elegant but you don't know how to choose the right accessories for your hairstyle? In this article we are going to suggest to you, what to do when choosing a tie and bow tie, and when these accessories are in the most appropriate place, and in which situations it is better to resign from them, so that no-one suspects you of excessive elegance, or the lack of style. What you need to know right from the start is that not every tie and not every fly is very chic and you can find patterns that will work for you every day.

What to choose for a business meeting?

If your job requires you to wear a full formal outfit, you should definitely wear a tie. But you need to know that a tie will look great on you when you match it with a suit or at least an elegant jacket. It's also important that you match the size of the tie to yourself. If you're a rather short person and a fairly short person, choose only wide ties. Regardless of your height and figure, remember that the maximum length of the tie reaches to the buckle from the belt! Not without significance are also other accessories, which will give the character of your entire business styling. First of all, iron your clothes, because there is nothing worse than a wrinkled shirt straight from the wash. Whatever elegant add-ons you wouldn't combine with it, this shortcoming will simply sting the eyes of anyone you meet. Secondly, don't overdo the extras, because what's too much is too unhealthy. If, for example, you decide to opt for a decorative belt, do not wear a hat or gloves. Remember also to match all the leather elements of your outfit in the best possible way. If you choose a classic watch with a brown leather strap, you can also choose a brown shade for a trouser strap, shoe strap or briefcase. If these garments are colored in different colors, your look will not be consistent and therefore it will not look good, and you will not feel good in your own clothes, which is not the case.

What to choose for a cocktail party with friends?

When you meet friends, you can afford much more freedom than with business meetings. The dress code of a given circumstance is dictated by what kind of opportunity it is, who is invited and where it will take place. So, first of all, match your appearance to the pretext of the event, because it's obvious that you won't be wearing a suit on the barbecue, because it would look at least ridiculous. A bow tie is definitely suitable for more formal meetings among the closest people. Because you can go crazy among your own, bet on a strong fly colour and at least one more garment of the same colour. For example, if you're going to a friend's birthday party, you can choose a red fly and match it with red sneakers. If you don't have one, you can go in red for a belt, shirt buttons, harness buttons or cufflinks.