• Thursday, 30 November 2023

Comfortable men's jackets for autumn

How to dress fashionably in the autumn to look spectacular and not to freeze? This is a question worth asking ourselves as the days get shorter, colder and colder, and winter inevitably approaches. What is it worth to equip your wardrobe with in order not to be surprised by the autumn aura? We will try to answer these and other questions in this article, hoping that after reading it, you will know exactly what kind of men's jacket to wear in autumn to feel fashionable and comfortable.

What to choose when choosing an autumn jacket?

First of all, focus on comfort. If you haven't lost weight in the summer, don't try to squeeze it into a tight jacket, because you won't look or feel good in it. The second practical aspect to consider is the type and number of pockets. Yes, with the help of a good seamstress, you can cut every piece of clothing you buy one hundred percent under your skin, but why pay twice for something you can have just for a good shopping experience?

When choosing a jacket, make sure your hands fit in the side pockets. A big convenience is an internal breast pocket where you can hide your money, phone or ATM card. The hood or high collar is another issue when it comes to the functionality of an autumn jacket. You'll need them especially when you don't like the hat and scarf. A collar lined with e.g. fur will be not only warm but also exceptionally elegant. A very interesting and practical solution is to buy an autumn jacket with a lining. Thanks to that your garment will be useful both for the first frosts and for the golden Polish autumn.

Another thing worth noting is the type of fastener. If you decide on a men's transition jacket where you only want to spend the beginning of autumn, you can choose a model with buttons. This cut looks particularly impressive when the garment is stretched. There is no doubt, however, that the zip fastener is definitely more comfortable. You can also choose a model that has both.

How to choose the length of a men's jacket for autumn?

Men's jackets usually have two basic lengths. The first one is the length to the waist, the second one reaches the line of the hips. Of course, there are also custom models available on the market, but let's stick to the classic styles. Men's short jackets are very comfortable and suitable for warmer days. Both tall and tall men look great in them. However, if you are a permafrost, decide on something longer.

The issue of growth is not insignificant in the case of a jacket reaching down to the hips. Tall men look much better in this style. Not without significance is also your posture. If you are a small builder you can choose a very fitting cut of the jacket. If you're a good builder, opt for a looser cut. Nor is it advisable for you to have a model with a tied strap that can make you look thicker.