• Thursday, 30 November 2023

How to treat insomnia?

If you're on the move and you're being tormented by newer and newer problems, you may have problems with insomnia. There are many ways to fight insomnia, starting with natural ones. Unfortunately, it often turns out that the treatment process is very tedious, but definitely worth the effort. You need to know that sleep deprivation causes a lot of changes in the body that hinder its normal functioning, such as problems with concentration or memory, up to much more serious complications. In this article we will try to suggest how to take care of your sleep in order to cure insomnia.

First of all, take care of your bedroom.

First of all, don't surround yourself with electronics and, above all, eliminate your mobile phone from the environment of your bed. Secondly, make sure your bedroom is dark and quiet. If you haven't done it yet, opt for window blinds or thick curtains. Third, before you go to bed, thoroughly air out your bedroom, too. It's good to keep the window open for at least half an hour. Another thing you can do to make you sleep well is to have fresh bedding dried outdoors. Another issue is aromatic oils with a calming effect, e.g. sandalwood or cinnamon oil. Light a candle in the scented fireplace as soon as you've ventilated your bedroom and wait for the room to soak up a soothing scent note.

" How you live, how you sleep

Of course, the more stressful your life is, the more your body can rebel against sleep. However, sleep hygiene is all about prevention, and sleep hygiene is largely about avoiding stress. Another thing is your diet. If, for example, you overeat before bedtime and your meals are full of unhealthy fats, no wonder you can't fall asleep. Instead of focusing on sleeping, your body takes care of your digestion. Try not to eat even three hours before bedtime and let your last meal be easily digestible. Also, pay attention to how much coffee you drink during the day and when you reach for the last one. If you happen to have a strong coffee after 8pm, you're making it harder for your body to switch to silent and sleep mode.

Choose supplements to make falling asleep easier

In the pharmacy, as well as in herbal shops, you can easily find various dietary supplements facilitating falling asleep, as well as herbal sleeping pills. Most of them are based on herbs such as lemon balm or valerian. Remember, however, to use them according to the leaflet, and preferably when you ask your pharmacist or GP for advice. Before you reach for strong sedatives, use something gentle. You can start your own therapy for insomnia with a cup of lemon balm before bedtime, for example. And try to calm yourself down before you get into bed. If natural methods do not help, you can always get professional help from a specialist sleep counselling clinic, which you will surely find in your city.