• Thursday, 30 November 2023

How to choose men's sneakers every day?

Men's sneakers are the kind of shoes that never go out of fashion. So it's worth having at least one pair in your closet. However, due to the multitude of colors, it is difficult to decide on only one of them. How to choose men's sneakers every day? What to be guided by and how to wear them? We will try to answer this and other questions in this article.

For the ankle or not?

If you like classic sneakers, you should opt for sneakers that reach behind the ankle. You can choose from classic colours such as black, white or navy blue. If you like extravagance, opt for an original, sophisticated pattern, such as frost, skulls or four-leaf clovers. It all depends on how much courage you have in you or just how much room for manoeuvre you have to put together your patterned shoes with your everyday styling.

On the other hand, sneakers in front of the ankle will work best if you don't like tall shoes and wearing short socks is not a problem for you. This is because this model definitely requires them! Classic men's sneakers are lace-up and have a rubberized tip, but some models have additional accessories, such as a decorative Velcro strap or a hidden zipper on the side to make it easier to put on shoes.

Skin or fabric?

Sneakers used to be typical sports shoes, today they are worn every day and it's hard not to match them to any kind of styling. They look original in combination with a casual look, jeans, a t-shirt and a loose jacket, as well as a... a suit. Women wear them to dresses instead of pins and it looks very interesting, and above all, such a stylistic procedure is simply extremely convenient.

So if comfort is a basic criterion for you, don't give up sneakers when you're going to an all-night party. Your feet will be grateful to you for that. What should men's sneakers be made of? And here again we should refer to the classics of the genre, because the classic sneakers are made of thick cotton. This model works best with everyday hairstyles, but if you like leather, you can also choose leather sneakers. They are perfect for dark jeans with a black leather belt and a classic black shirt.

Men's sneakers for every day and every occasion

Can we even say about sneakers that they are suitable for any occasion? Definitely. How to choose one? In addition to all the tips mentioned in the previous part of the article, we recommend a model that is as colour-matched as possible to your hairstyle. So if you wear black, choose black sneakers with white accessories. If you like maritime style, choose either navy blue or red sneakers. But no matter what you choose, go for cleanliness! Yes, this is the most important aspect that determines whether a given style was intended or random, whether it is careful and thoughtful, or whether it is simply sloppy. Clean shoes should always be your top priority, because like all other garments, they are your business card.