• Thursday, 30 November 2023

The worst cars for a guy

A man's car is a basic toy that needs to look its best. Not without significance is also its functionality, but it is not the most important one. If you're going to look good in your car, you have to choose a car that fits together. Don't choose Corsa or Micra if you're two meters tall. If you're a small-scale builder, don't choose an SUV or a pick-up, because you'll look pretty funny in it. In this article we suggest which cars shouldn't come into your possession, so that you don't get discredited when you arrive at a girl's house on the day of your first date.

A woman's car not for a man

A real man's car must have that "something." If you look at him and see that he doesn't fit you, this relationship, believe me, has no future. Don't decide for sure on a model car that is driven mainly by women. Apparently, there is no such thing as a car for women in theory, but we all know very well that in practice it looks completely different. Some models are reserved directly for women and this is the case with Micra and Corsa, but also with Ford Ka. Don't buy a car like this under any circumstances, because many of your friends will probably point a finger at you.

Put it on a practical side, but don't exaggerate.

Match your car not only in terms of appearance but also in terms of demand. Not without significance is the functionality of the car, with which you will either like it or not. It's not worth buying only what we like, you have to find a compromise between taste and practicality. First of all, consider how often you travel longer by car and whether you are taking a bike or ski equipment with you in addition to one small bag. If you are the type of traveler and you have many passions and related gadgets, you should rather opt for a bigger car, and above all one with a bigger boot that will accommodate all your necessary stuff. Secondly, if you are often on the road, you must first of all choose a car model with the right engine. A Fiat 500 with a 1.2 V, 69 horsepower engine that simply cannot be overtaken, for example, will not work. If you're a comfortable person, opt for a cruise control that lets you relax on the highway, focus on driving and simply absorb the changing landscapes outside the window.

Additional equipment which must not be missing

The worst car for a guy is definitely one that doesn't have any extra bang. So when you choose a car, you should read the technical specifications carefully. Electrically folding mirrors, air curtains or stabilization of the driving track and traction is something worth showing off not only to your colleagues, but above all to the woman you want to impress. The on-board computer and two-zone air conditioning are also extremely practical. Not without significance is also the quality of workmanship of individual components of the car. The worst car for a guy is also a cheap car, and the worst is when it looks like one.