• Thursday, 29 February 2024

How do I care for my beard?

Nowadays, more and more men decide to have a beard. It has become a very fashionable indicator of style and bravery. But if you want your beard to look impeccable, you need to take proper care of it. Various cosmetics and accessories will come to your aid. Not without significance are also regular visits to the barber, a hairdresser who will professionally take care of your beard.

First of all: Shampoo - is it necessary?

Beard hair must be cared for in the same way as head hair, although due to its hardness it needs to be cared for in a slightly different way. But what matters is what you eat. In addition to a healthy diet, hair and skin nutrition supplements are also important. Bet mainly on preparations rich in biotin, as well as vitamin A. Using them will not only make hair nourish, so it will be better to style, but also will not be prone to breakage, and the skin under the beard will be properly moisturized and will not peel off. Like hair on your head, your beard should also be washed regularly, preferably daily. You can use a special beard shampoo with a delicate and natural composition. If you use it every day, you will notice that your beard is no longer fluffy and it is more manageable. What is important, you can also replace the special beard shampoo with a gentle hair shampoo, preferably for children. When choosing a beard shampoo, make sure that it is free of substances such as SLS, parabens and silicones, as these can not only cause local skin irritation, but can also make the beard greasy.

Second, a good beard oil.

Another cosmetic that every bearded person should have in his or her beautician's bag is beard oil. It is used primarily for maximum beard hydration. Before applying, spread a few drops of oil over your hands, then rub it thoroughly over the entire beard and moustache. Daily use of oil will make your beard softer and smell good. It will also shine. If you decide to grow a beard, opt for an oil that won't bother you with unpleasant itching.

Thirdly, a brush made of natural hair.

There's no doubt that, like the hair on your head, your beard needs to be combed regularly. Not only so that it doesn't get tangled up, but also so that it goes well. What's more, everyday brushing with a natural, stiff bristle brush makes the dead epidermis, which has accumulated under the beard, peel off. An important aspect of beard combing is also the direction of the beard. You never brush your beard against the direction of hair growth, but in accordance with it. It's not only much more enjoyable for you and your beard, but it'll also make you lose only the hair that has already fallen out when you're combing. It's also important to note that by slightly irritating the skin when you're combing, you can speed up the sebum secretion process, the natural sebum that has the most impact on the appearance of your beard and how easy it is to arrange it.