• Thursday, 29 February 2024

Men's watch for elegant styling

Fashionable dressed man is an object, behind which it will be difficult not to see women, with a good sense of style. A tailor-made outfit or maybe a nonchalant look, where everything seems to have a thoughtful place and function. Elegant or cool? First of all, choose what you feel good about and comfortable with. Remember that in order to be fashionable, you don't have to or even can't pretend to be someone you're not. Should you just feel it and see, among other things, which male watch to choose for your elegant styling?

Don't forget the extras - they'll complete your hairstyle

If you value elegance, you can't go indifferently by the tasteful accessories. Apart from the obvious ones, such as a tie, a fly or fashionable shoes, a watch is an important element of men's clothing. There are many models available on the market that perfectly match the formal outfit. If you dress in chic shirts, jackets or even a whole suit every day, put on a good timer. You can choose a classic and timeless watch on a wide silver or gold bracelet.

A large, easy-to-read shield, glossy tips and various useful options, such as a date stamp or day of the week, are additions that will not only look good, but will also make your new gadget functional. If you're always on the move and physical activity is your middle name, you can opt for a sports watch that looks elegant but relaxed when combined with a casual jacket, jeans and moccasins. You can communicate this watch model with your phone, and in addition to the obvious time indication function, it will perform many other tasks for you, such as counting steps or calories burned.

What to choose when choosing a male watch for elegant styling?

Do you know how to connect your watch with the rest of your outfit? It depends first of all on whether you value the classics of elegance or whether you prefer to go against the current with your fashion. According to the traditional model, in order to be able to say that you are a chic guy, you can only choose from two types of watches for elegant styling - on a leather strap or on the bracelet mentioned above. If you already make this choice, you need to know how to compose such a watch with the rest of your outfit. What is important, if you decide on a watch on a bracelet, its color must match other elements, such as a medal, ring or glasses frames. If silver prevails, you should choose this version.

In the case of watches on leather straps, things are a little different. The colour of the belt should be chosen according to all other leather elements of the styling, such as a trouser belt, shoes, briefcase or even a wallet. Not without significance is also the size of the watch itself. If you have small hands and hands, opt for a smaller watch with an envelope diameter of no more than 40 millimetres. If you are better built and have large hands, you can choose a model with a blade width of more than 40 millimetres.