• Thursday, 29 February 2024

Kartarek to the beard - what to choose?

Are you a lucky beginner with a beard and are wondering how to tame this thick layer of hair? You may realize that one of the basic gadgets you need to arm your arsenal with is a beard brush. In this article you will find a few tips on what to do when selecting a card in order to buy a beard that will last for many years.

What's a karator?

First of all, we explain what a cockroach is, because you may not know how to distinguish it from a brush yet. This task is not difficult, because the only difference between the two is having a handle - the brush has one and the cockroach does not. Besides, there are no other differences. In the case of both brushes and cards you can choose from a variety of assortment, and our task is to make your choice as easy as possible. Okay, but what's the karate for, anyway? To comb your beard, of course. However, it is worth stressing at the beginning that the karate is not used to model the beard, but to care for it. And what is this nursing care about? It consists of several aspects. What is important, combing above all perfectly affects the condition of the skin hidden under the chin. As you know, when you decided to grow a beard, you took away access to the weather from your skin, such as the sun. As a result, your skin underneath your chin is less nourished and tends to dry out and peel, which in turn does not look very impressive. What's more, dry face skin is dry hair, so it breaks down and falls out. So if you want to take care of your beard, you have to take care of your own skin first. It's hard to imagine putting cream on your face when you have a lush beard and that's why daily card care comes in handy. It will stimulate sebum secretion and also have a good effect on facial blood supply, for which you will be grateful not only to your skin, but also to the hair in your beard.

What kind of hair is a good carpenter?

First of all, take into account only those cards that are made of natural products. The bristles of the card should be made of wild boar hair and the shaft should be made of wood. Of course, you will also find plastic cards in the shops, but they don't deserve attention, so we won't discuss them in this article. However, choosing natural hair and wood is not all you need to remember when choosing your first karate. The cards differ in length, density and hardness of the bristles, which you should choose according to your beard. If you have a long and lush beard, opt for longer, harder and less thick bristles as they will better reach your face. The shorter and thicker the hair of the cardholder, the shorter the beard can look after. Not without significance is also the size of the card, but this feature is worth choosing under the same roof. The easiest way to do this is to simply choose a landline cartel in a stationary store, taking your hands on models that have caught your eye. This way you will know whether the product fits well in your hand and whether it is comfortable to work with.