• Thursday, 29 February 2024

What do men not like about the beautiful sex?

Have you ever wondered why you still don't get along? You try, you dress up and it's cool for a while, but as soon as you keep going on, he suddenly stops talking, and when he does, he cuts off your acquaintance? If this scenario sounds familiar, please read this article carefully and familiarize yourself with the features that annoy men most about women. We also encourage you to critically self-reflect. Perhaps this will solve your problems in building lasting relationships between men and women.

First of all, don't be intrusive.

Nothing pisses off guys like phones or messages several times an hour. It is worse when it turns out that the sex of beauty does not have much to say to its beloved than the standard "What are you doing? It's clear you're thinking about him, it's clear he's thinking about you. You have to understand, however, that guys are a bit different than women and that's why some of our behaviors (like the mass of phones in one day) for a woman are a sign of care and commitment, for a guy they mean trying to control. Give it up if you don't want to lose him. Limit your contact to a maximum, especially during working hours or extra hours, and reprogram that your message does not need to be answered within one minute of being sent, and if no answer is received, it does not mean that you don't care. Unlike women, men are monotonous. They simply can't focus on both working and texting with you. They do, and you just deal with it.

Second, don't control him.

In fact, this feature should be number one on our list. Nobody likes to be checked every step of the way, especially an adult. If you want to create a happy partnership, you have to give up control, because there is no place for it in a healthy relationship. Just think how pissed off you were with your parents when you came home, when you were still playing with the best and the last thing you thought about was just going home. Imagine also the situation when your mother reads your diary and then makes a tavernous fuss about you, or when she browses your phone and tells you to translate from various strange content that you sent yourself or that someone wrote to you. Not cool, huh? So don't do this to the guy you care about, or you'll lose him the first chance you get!

Third, don't gossip.

Yeah, we know it's difficult, but unfortunately it's true that guys are terribly pissed off by female gossip. Of course, there's nothing wrong with that, as long as you do it with your friend and he's not around. But if you're somewhere together, and your friend is on the phone with news from the world of your friends, leave her alone politely and say you'll call her back because you're busy now. Men don't need our gossip for anything, and what's more, you can alienate him. If, by chance, he hears about the secrets that you pass on carelessly, he may not only not want to entrust his own to you, but worse still, he may not want to deal with you at all.