• Thursday, 30 November 2023

Factors influencing the libido drop

It is no secret that in our daily lives there are many factors influencing the decrease of libido. One of them is stress, which is not lacking in everyday functioning. Living on the run, it is difficult to find in yourself the desire and time for sex, which is also our body very much needed for health. Another factor causing problems with libido levels is lack of sleep and diet. Sometimes it happens, however, that the substrate is much more serious. In such cases it is necessary to see a doctor.

Stress-related problems

If you live in constant tension and struggle with a lot of different problems every day, your willingness to have sex is likely to have decreased. In this case, the use of medication will not do much good. Very often, problems with the level of libido result from psychological factors, which in turn are dictated by the current life situation. If you are struggling with trauma e.g. after losing a loved one, or your boss still cuts jobs in your job, or your company is in a poor condition, probably the bedroom will associate you primarily with the need to sleep, instead of satisfying your sexual drive.

Depression not insignificant in the case of a libido inheritance

Very often, a decrease in libido is one of the side effects of the disease you are struggling with. For example, if you have chronic depression, you need to know that antidepressants usually block you sexually. In such a situation, unfortunately, little can be done, because dietary supplements available in a pharmacy without a prescription cannot cope with such a serious ailment. Your task in this case is simply to combat depression effectively. Take care of your body first of all, but also your mind. Enjoy a little pleasure like coffee with a friend or a walk on a sunny day. Also make sure you have the right amount of exercise, preferably in the open air. Train regularly, but also eat healthy. It is not without reason that depression is said to be a disease not only of the head, but also of the intestines. Their good condition takes care not only of the natural immunity of our organism, but also of our well-being. So give up highly processed food for well-balanced, healthy and tasty meals.

Hormonal changes cause libido to drop

Another cause of sexual drive fluctuations is hormonal changes in the body. This is particularly the case for women, when the menopause starts, and for men, when they start going through andropause. However, various types of hormonal imbalance are also typical for diseases such as hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism. In the case of these conditions, the occurrence of a libido inheritance is a very common phenomenon. Also dangerous for libido are decreases in e.g. testosterone levels, which has an impact on the sexual drive of both men and women. Talk to your GP about any such situation.