• Thursday, 29 February 2024

Friendship between women - does it really exist?

How about us women? Apart from spending time together, can we support each other? Do you have a friend from the heart for life? How do we maintain the bonds of friendship? We will try to guess the secrets of female relationships and confront stereotypes.

Some people, including women, are convinced that there is no true and unconditional friendship between women. Our relationships are lined with jealousy and a desire to compete. Women who are close to each other can be disrespectful to each other and do not support their friend's aspirations. People are different, both women and men can consciously or not, through their own complexes, destroy relationships with people close to them. However, it is women's friendship that is more often questioned. Women can't be friends?

A friend from the heart

I can tell you myself that friendship between women exists. It is beautiful and unconditional - I have experienced female support and I am lucky to be friends with wonderful women. However, I hear voices, as well as on our famous forum, discussions have heated up that it is not worth trusting even your closest friends. "Always be on the lookout," "Be careful that your closest friend doesn't bounce back on you," "Never confide." - each of us has heard such advice at least once in our lives. However, we realize that no one recognizes and understands the feelings of others like women so well.

Inborn empathy makes us able to communicate with each other without words and listen to each other with understanding.
Only a friend can we complain, share our thoughts and worries. The support provided by a true friend is valuable and different from that of a partner. A close relationship with a woman in the life of each of us can give us much happiness.

How to cultivate friendship?

I would argue that it is not age, similar interests, or even gender that are the most important, but the basis on which friendship is built. A relationship based on sympathy, mutual respect, openness, trust and honesty has a chance to last a lifetime. Friendship must be nurtured, it requires taking time and accepting each other's shortcomings. How to take care of a relationship with a friend?

Support her dreams and aspirations - try to accept her choices even if you disagree with her worldview. Express your opinions, but don't deny your friend's life choices.

Keep secrets - gossip is strictly forbidden :) If you would like to write something about yourself or confess something that concerns you anonymously, we recommend the www.sicreto.com page. People pour out their problems there on various topics, sometimes funny and sometimes really weird. However, I recommend it because some answers to confessions are wise and thoughtful - they open up a view of the situation from the perspective of another person. 

Take an interest in her life - even if you can't meet, call, write to each other, keep in touch.
Be with her in difficult and painful moments - always offer your help, even if your friend does not want to burden you with her problems.
Talk about her well and defend yourself in the company of others, but don't be afraid to tell the truth in private - in a true, close relationship we can count on honesty.

Friendship makes us happier

Having close relationships increases our life satisfaction. It fosters greater optimism and willingness to take challenges. According to research carried out by the Happiness Research Institute in Denmark, the relationship between life satisfaction and the satisfaction of social relationships is very strong. Having close friends makes us less vulnerable to depression and states of anxiety. In addition, our well-being and mental condition is influenced by the frequency of contact with friends.