• Thursday, 30 November 2023

The car will say... what a lover you are!

Did you know that there is a classification that determines your temperament in bed based on the car you are driving? It is no secret that we choose a car not only for practical reasons, but also to make it a perfect complement to our personality. See what your car says about your erotic skills and tastes.

Little city hatchback

If you own such a car, you certainly don't like to be bored in bed. All erotic gadgets are your daily bread. You keep surprising your partner with new items. You are also open to suggestions from her. In your free time you look for inspiration in your camouflage.


You are rather stable in your feelings, and in the bedroom you value moderate peace. You don't like experimenting, but you like surprises from your other half very much. You don't think too much about sex every day, but when it comes to evening, you feel like playing night games.


You are a very busy man and a supporter of quick and simple solutions. This also has an impact on what you are like as a lover. You don't like long foreplay or long hours of sex marathons. A quick number is what you like the most. You sometimes choose public places for this purpose in order to stimulate your emotions.


You're a real seducer and a womanizer. One woman in bed is definitely not enough for you. In bed, you like experimenting. Sometimes you date other couples for a swing. You appreciate when your woman can satisfy you orally. You're good at that, too. You're good at that too.


In bed, you're a cowboy. And the faithful to the grave. Not only do you love with all your heart, but you also give yourself wholeheartedly in the bedroom. You happen to be romantically surprised by the other half, but only since Christmas. Your favorite position is definitely on the rider, where she is on top.


Your car shows you're a real guy. In bed, you value constant changes, so that neither you nor your partner are bored. You also like disguises and erotic gadgets. You don't have a favourite position because it depends on the moment and circumstances. You and your partner have already done the whole camouflage several times.

Delivery van

There's always been the same woman in your bed for years. You don't like change, but sometimes you take the time to forget. When the time comes, you can afford a romantic gesture, such as rose petals scattered in bedding or champagne in a bucket of ice chewed with fresh strawberries. Your favorite position is to be a missionary.


You're a real romantic! You love to surprise your woman, so often with her in mind you organize weekend trips to the city, during which you love each other until you fall and in fact you could not leave bed at all. Kamasutra is in your little fingertips, but you also have a lot of your own invention, for which you are highly valued by your partner.


You're always on the move, so you like to relax in bed at work. In the bedroom, you are definitely the party taking the initiative. You always try to satisfy your partner. You are doing great in different sex schools, but you are definitely a supporter of French love.

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