• Thursday, 30 November 2023

Is it a power cord suit or a tailor-made suit?

Nowadays, men are much more aware of their appearance and the fact that it is worth investing their money in this aspect. One such worthwhile investment is the purchase of a suit. Every man must have at least one in his closet, and it is best when, over the years, more men appear next to him. However, what should you choose when choosing a suit, and above all, what suit should you choose - from a net or customized?

Household suits - pros and cons

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a suit purchased in a chain store? A big advantage is definitely their availability. Undoubtedly, in every men's fashion store you can try at least a few, if not several types of suits, so there is a good chance that you will find something for yourself. The price is also usually affordable, which speaks for the choice. Another advantage is that usually in places where you buy a suit you can also use tailoring services, as a result of which the suit will be best suited to our shapes. However, this is where the advantages of suits from power cords come to an end. So let us move on to the downside. One of them is that it's hard to fit into a suit and look as if it's tailor-made. It is true that, as we wrote earlier, there is room for improvement, but let us remember that not everything can be improved. In our opinion, it is much better to opt for a tailor-made suit, which will be tailored exactly according to the customer's request.

A suit tailored to your needs.

What are the advantages of a tailor-made suit? There are several of them. First of all, only when you decide to have a suit sewn by a professional tailor's shop can you be 100% sure that it will fit like a glove, only you. Each person is characterized by a different construction, so only a picture of the measurement by a trained tailor can guarantee that the suit will not have the wrong proportions, too long or too wide legs, and what's more - will be properly fitted in every demanding place. Another advantage of sewing a suit on request is the fact that it is also an opportunity to cover such features of our silhouette as prominent belly, long legs or thick shoulders.

Another advantage of this type of solution is the fact that when sewing a custom suit, at each stage you have the possibility to make changes. At the very beginning you can ask for the possibility of comparing several samples of the material, so that you can choose the fabric and colour that appeals most to you. Buttons are another matter, and even a shirt and tie are another matter. The undoubted minus of such a solution is the price. Sewing a tailor-made suit is usually a much bigger investment than buying a finished product from a shop. The fact that sewing a suit takes some time and requires at least a few tweaks also plays a negative role. In our opinion, however, regardless of the time and price of such a suit, it is definitely worth investing in such a wardrobe, because as much as our silhouette will not change, such a suit will enjoy for many years to come. If it is sewn in the classic way, it will surely not be able to get out of fashion during this time either.