• Thursday, 30 November 2023

Cosmetics for men

Nowadays, men have become much more aware of their appearance and the fact that it is worth taking care of. In recent years, there has been a significant increase in the interest of men in both cosmetics and services in beauty salons. Today's guy is no longer ashamed to go to the beautician to take care of his nails and cuticles. He also regularly visits a hairdresser who cares about his longer hair, and some men also visit a barber, a barber who can professionally take care of their beard.

How do I take care of my hair?

Among cosmetics for men, one should first of all distinguish between those whose task is to care for the face and hair. Admittedly, there are still two-in-one men's lotions available in the shops for both body and hair care. Unfortunately, such cosmetics usually contain a lot of unnecessary substances such as SLS, silicones or parabens. Therefore, it is worth deciding to buy a separate hair shampoo and shower gel. Men's cosmetics have a characteristic smell. You can choose between a sea breeze, a citrus blend or a refreshing menthol note. When choosing a shampoo, you don't have to limit yourself to men's cosmetics, you can also find it on women's shelves. However, it is true that men have slightly different skin pH than women, so they use slightly different cosmetics. So if you don't have oily or coloured hair, go for a men's shampoo. Among them you will also find anti-dandruff shampoos. Among hair cosmetics you will also find a variety of cosmetics used for hair modeling - gels, clay, mousses, pastes, rubber, sprays and lacquers. If you have longer hair, take a look at this offer and ask your hairdresser, who knows your hair better than you.

How should a man take care of his skin?

Nowadays, more and more men's facial care cosmetics are available. These include mainly moisturizing and lubricating creams for both day and night. You can also find more precise cosmetics such as moisturizing eye cream and special nourishing masks. A wide range of cosmetics are also associated with shaving. First of all, shaving foams and secondly, nourishing after-shave lotions. There is also a lot of washing gels on the market, which perfectly cleanse and tone the skin in the morning, preparing it for the application of day cream. Also noteworthy are cosmetics for beard care. If you are a lucky owner of a beard or moustache, you can get a special care oil to soften your hair. This will make your beard no longer sticky and instead it will become velvety smooth. It will also shine, and what's more, you need to know that these oils have delicate fragrance notes, so your beard will also just smell good.